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anthony-garcia-iron-gang-nutritionAnthony Garcia

I come from a pretty stressful background with a very deep story.

The gym helps me to relax and relieve my stress.

I have reached most of my goals in life, but one that I continue to strive for is helping out others.

My other big goal is to open a low cost gym to help troubled individuals reach their own goals.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings to my company.

Damien Reideman

iron-gang-nutrition-damien-reidemanI’ve come from a hard working background my entire life.

I use my workouts to set goals and expectations for myself, and as a great way to mentally and physically challenge myself.

The harder I work, and the more results I see, the more I want to teach others that they can do the same.

I have seen in myself big changes that I know I can share with others, and help them with their own transformation through lifting.

Rudy Hernandez

iron-gang-nutrition-rudy-hernandezI started bodybuilding because I felt like it freed my mind from all the hell I was going through in life.

The gym is literally where I love to be. There is something about the music, the iron, and pushing weights to failure that makes me want to push just as hard in life.

I was tired be being in the streets. I was literally living the definition of insanity.

Bodybuilding changed my life for the better. Never forget where you came from!