Iron Gang Nutrition

Iron Gang Nutrition came from an idea that the four of us had while working out, and it was an inside joke about us owning our own business.

Over time, all four of us came up with more ideas, and eventually we formed Iron Gang Nutrition.

It’s all about taking our time and investing our efforts into ourselves, knowing we could make better supplements, bring better information and training, and change the game when it comes to working out and getting big.

Our First BIG Project

iron gang nutririon locked & loaded pre workout supplementOur first big project was to design a pre workout supplement that was the absolute best on the market.

We knew what we liked and what we didn’t like from the supplements we had taken in the past, and created a no compromise formula that delivers extreme pump and unparalleled focus.

This was the birth of Locked & Loaded Pre-Workout. You’re Welcome. You can read more about Locked & Loaded Here, and find out when the shipment drops.

The first shipment is on it’s way, and the samples have been amazing. This is a game changing supplement, and guaranteed to change your level of focus in the gym.

Website and Logo

iron-gang-nutrition-logo-squareOur next big project was a logo and a website Several of our friends stepped up to help with the design, layout, ideas, and final composition of our custom logo. The website looks great, and this was also from a friend.

The design process for the logo was a pleasure to be part of, and everyone kicked in their great ideas. In the end, a friend with some graphic design skills put all those great ideas together into something that we could all be proud of.

Our website is a hub for anyone interested in Iron Gang Nutrition, and is packed with great information about us. It’s all about what we stand for, our products, and in the future we will be adding useful articles, workout tips, and everything you need to stay motivated in the gym.

Representing and Getting the Word Out

The next step was to spread the word. Nobody works harder than we do when it comes to promotion, spreading the message, and letting everyone know about Iron Gang Nutrition.

It’s all about talking to people, helping them succeed, and showing the way.

One of the best things we decided to do early on was learn to make shirts, and learn to screen print. This immediately gave us access to branded apparel that we could wear every time we go to the gym. It was a fun process to learn, and after a few mistakes, we now have the process completely figured out.

Now we sell out shirts to everyone, and what was just one simple logo and style in the beginning has grown to over 80 different styles. With so much to choose from, you should Check Out our Apparel and find your new favorite gym shirt.

Promotions at Gyms

Knowing a lot of people inside the gym industry, we were able to get several interviews at local gyms. These interviews resulted in great relationships, and early opportunities for Iron Gang Nutrition.

When we go to these gyms, we go big. Everyone shows up, and we are ready to get serious about working. It’s always a huge event, and it’s great to see everyone at the gym get excited to have us.

If you want to be part of one of our promotions, follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you never miss out. The more people that show up, the better, and we are always happy to see new faces at the gym.