15 Proven Ways to Get the Most From Your Workout

This is 15 Proven Ways to Get the Most From Your Workout, your guide to getting the very most from every minute you spend in the gyn. If you are not doing these 15 things, you are not getting the full benefit from your workouts. You’re welcome.

How to Maximize Your Workout

15-Proven-Ways-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-WorkoutWe only have so much time to go to the gym. Our lives are busy. There is work, family, friends, deadlines, events, and many more things all competing for your time. With all of those distractions, it can be difficult to put in the time to get huge.

This makes the time that you do have in the gym precious, and you need to do everything you can to get the very most from each and every workout. You need to go into the gym with a strong focus, and a strategy to get results.

If you don’t, you’ll waste hours and hours working hard without getting the results that you deserve. This can eventually lead to a loss of confidence, and a lack of motivation to keep going back.

Instead of going in cold, here are 15 ways that you can maximize your time in the gym and get the best results. I’ll go into each one of them in detail coming up, and show you exactly how they’ll make a difference. Let’s get started.

Plan Your Workout First

15-Proven-Ways-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-Workout-dont-socializeAn idiot with a plan will always beat an expert without a plan. This is true of war, business, and working out. If you don’t have a plan when you step through the door of the gym, you will not get the maximum return on your time.

Thankfully, creating a plan is very easy. All you need to do is take a break for five minutes during the day and decide what it is that you want to accomplish in the gym. Then, write that out on a piece of paper, or as a note in your phone.

Write out what you want to accomplish, including the individual exercises, as well as how many sets, and what level of intensity. Plan your breaks between sets, and know as much as possible about what you’re going to do before you ever walk through the door.

I promise that if you start making a solid plan, and execute that plan 100% of the time when you’re in the gym, you will see better results. When you don’t have a plan, you tend to wander around from machine to machine, never really getting anywhere.

A plan will keep you focused, keep you on track, and help you squeeze more work into the same amount of time. Once you start working out with a plan, you’ll be so excited about the results that you’ll never go in blind again.

If you need a good plan to start with, try our One of a Kind Chest Workout.

Visualize and Amp Up

Just like warming up your body is a good practice before you do any type of intense training, you need to warm up your mind as well.

Have you ever been in one of those awesome moods, were you went to the gym and felt like you were just unstoppable? Everything felt great, you got more done than you’ve ever gotten done before, and it just seemed perfect?

This was a day when your mental attitude was high, positive, and putting you in the right spot for a killer workout. You can do this every time you’re at the gym, all you need to do is get yourself amped up.

Talk to yourself on the way to the gym, put on some awesome music that you really love, and do what it takes to get you in the right state of mind before you work out. When you go in with the right attitude, you come out with the right results.

Put Away Your Phone

15-Proven-Ways-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-Workout-getting-hugeOnce you’re in the gym, it’s time to put away the number one distraction that you own. That’s your cell phone. Your cell phone is robbing you of results in the gym, and you need to decide which one is more important.

Even if you’re not a very heavy user of your phone in the gym, every second you spend playing a game or watching a video is gym time wasted. If you want to watch videos and play games, do it on someone else’s time.

You need to look at gym time as your personal time to get results. If you waste that time on your cell phone, you’re literally wasting results. Leave your phone in your locker, or put it in your pocket. Don’t take it out, and you’ll get more done.

Listen to Motivating Music

15-Proven-Ways-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-Workout-be-preparedThe only exception to the phone rule is reading your workout plan, or putting on motivational music. Music is a profound motivator, and can change your mental state and attitude almost instantly with the right song.

Use this powerful tool to help keep your mind focused, and with the right attitude for success in the gym. Plan out your music selection early, and intentionally pick the songs that you know have the biggest effect on your mood.

We all have songs that just do it for us, and though we may have no idea why, they just work. Fill your playlist with nothing but this type of music, and use it to unleash your full mental potential in the gym.

Another awesome thing about music is that it removes a lot of the distractions that are happening around you. It will get people to talk to you less, and that’ll help you quite a bit with the next tip for getting the most from your workouts.

Socialize as Little as Possible

15 Proven Ways to Get the Most From Your Workout take a supplement with focusSome people use the gym like social hour, and if it wasn’t for all the gym equipment laying around they might as will be at a bar having beers with their friends. If this is you, I’m going to show you how to get a lot more results almost instantly.

Instead of going to the gym to spend time with your friends, go to the gym with the sole intention of achieving your goals. That might be to get huge, it might mean to get strong, or it might mean to get fast. Your goals are your goals.

When you spend time talking to other people about random stuff instead of pursuing your goals, you lose the effectiveness of your workout. You can have conversations with people on the phone anytime of the day, don’t waste your gym time.

Be Ready Before You Start

It’s annoying to get a few sets into your work out and then have to stop and go back to the locker room for something that you forgot. It’s also annoying to have to go find a towel, or go fill your water when you just got started working out.

This causes a major interruption, and can halt the flow you’re starting to build up that can accelerate your work out to the top level. Instead of allowing these distractions to derail your game, be fully prepared when you step out on the gym floor.

If you need a bag, carry a bag. Fill up your water completely, and have a towel and all your other effects ready and with you. Make sure your headphones are fully charged, and don’t have a reason to step off of the gym floor until you’re finished.

Being prepared in life is important, and being prepared in the gym is no different. Have everything you need with you, and you won’t lose your intensity when you’re just starting to develop it.

Take a Pre-Workout With a Focus Blend

15-Proven-Ways-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-Workout-skull-crushersMaximizing your workout is largely about focus. This is more of a mental game than a physical game. If lifting weights were entirely physical, then anyone who could lift weights would be able to achieve top level results.

Achieving at the highest levels has never been a physical game, it’s always been a mental difference that sends some people to the top while others fail. To give yourself that mental edge, you need practice, planning, and the right supplement.

When you take a pre-workout, make sure that the supplement contains a focus blend that will help you channel your intensity into a laser-like rage that will take your work out to places that it’s never been before.

Not all pre-workout supplements are the same, and sadly very few of them contain a focus blend. One that does is called Locked & Loaded Pre-Workout, and we’ve developed it specifically for that reason.

Not only will your body get what it needs to power through your heaviest workouts, but you will also have an incredible mental focus the entire time you’re in the gym. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. Try it and find out for yourself.

Don’t Wait for Machines

15-Proven-Ways-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-Workout-maximuze-your-gym-timeAnother way to get the most from your gym time is not to wait around for machines that are being used by other people. If you want to jump in between sets that’s fine, but make sure you’re not wasting time waiting around.

This takes a little practice to get good at this, but the more you learn about working out and the different types of exercises you can do, the easier it will be. Make a plan depending on the muscle group that you’re working, and have alternatives in mind.

For example, if you’re used to doing a shoulder press at a machine, and the machines are busy, you can do the same exercise with dumbbells. This keeps you moving, and it also prevents your body from getting used to your particular routine.

Vary Your Exercises and Routine

15 Proven Ways to Get the Most From Your Workout stay motivatedYour body is one of the most brilliantly designed machines ever created. We have the ability to adapt to an infinite number of situations, environments, and conditions. It’s excellent at keeping you alive, which is the number one goal.

One of the main strategies that your body uses to keep you alive is quick adaptation. When your body encounters a stress that is new, like working out for example, it quickly figures out a way to get it done in the most efficient manner possible.

While efficiency is good for most things, it’s not good for your results. Once your body figures you out, and knows your routine, it becomes less effective. The way you get around that, is by changing it up and keeping your body guessing.

A new workout is always a challenge, but after a while it goes stale. The reason is because your body figured out how to adapt. Instead of falling into this cycle, just change your work out more often.

The frequency is going to be different for each person, so you will have to watch for when your workout starts to feel easy. As soon as they do, start making changes and get that difficulty level back up.

It’s only the difficult routines that produce results. Once it gets too easy, it’s no longer as effective, and it’s wasting your valuable gym time. Switching it up can be as simple as changing the exercise, or changing the weight, rep, or set count.

Don’t Get Distracted Between Sets

Gyms have become very popular, so the owners create a lot of distractions to help bring people through the door. The problem is that you don’t want to be like the average customer, you want something more.

All of the TVs, and the massage areas, and other distractions are simply nothing but time wasters. While these appeal to the average person that thinks they can watch TV all the way until their muscles are gigantic, don’t be fooled by things like that.

Limit your distractions, and you will be more focused on your goal. You only have a certain amount of time in the gym, so watch TV at home, and fit those distractions in elsewhere when the time is not as valuable.

Use Super Sets When Time is a Factor

15-Proven-Ways-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-Workout-stay-focusedIf you are really crunched on time, and you’re trying to squeeze in a workout that has very good results with a small footprint, consider doing super sets. These are two exercises that are done back to back without a break.

When you add super sets into your workout, you remove the break that normally happens between sets, and instead go directly to the next exercise. This reduces the overall time it takes to perform your routine, compacting it.

While you don’t need to do super sets for everything, you can spice them in strategically and see if you like the difference in your workout. If you do, add a couple more and keep on modifying it until you’re happy.

Skip the Cardio for High Intensity Training

15-Proven-Ways-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-Workout-protect-your-gym-timeOne of the biggest time killers in the gym, and a destroyer of efficiency is doing cardio. The simple fact is that cardiovascular exercise takes time. In order to get to the results, and the calorie burn, you simply have to put in time.

When you’re maximizing the precious time that you have in the gym, you can’t afford to give up half an hour to slogging it out on the treadmill. If you want to get a similar calorie burn, consider changing your work out.

One method of doing this is called high intensity training. This is where you move from exercise to exercise with little to no breaks, and you perform at close to your maximum level for as long as you can sustain it.

This is an incredible shock to your system, especially if you’re not used to it. The positive side effect is that it will burn more calories for you throughout the day, which can make up for skipping your cardio.

Work Out During Off Peak Hours

15-Proven-Ways-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-Workout-increase-your-intensityDepending on how flexible your schedule is, a sneaky way of being more productive in the gym is to simply go there when there are less people. All gyms have busy periods and sometimes, you just need to ask at the desk when those are, and come in off peak.

Not only will there be less opportunities for distractions and socializing, you’ll also get to each piece of equipment faster. Less people in general means you’ll have more of the gym to yourself, and you’ll be able to focus better.

You do need to have a little flexibility in your schedule for this to work, but if you have the ability to work out at night, or very early in the morning, you can skip a lot of the people that you normally have to work around at the gym.

Carry Gym Clothes and a Travel Kit in the Car

15-Proven-Ways-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-Workout-stay-off-your-phoneSometimes we can let the tiniest thing stop us from being successful. You wouldn’t believe how often people skip going to the gym simply because they don’t have gym clothes with them. Don’t be like that, always carry a gym bag in your car.

You may find several opportunities throughout the week when you have an hour or two of free time. Instead of wasting that time on TV, or doing something else that’s not productive, pop into the gym for a quick workout.

Once you have your gym bag and your change of clothes right in your car, you remove that excuse from the table. You’ll have everything you need to be able to go into the gym, get a good workout, shower, and come right back to finishing your day.

Replenish Your Body Between Workouts

Iron Gang Nutrition BCAA LogoMuscles are started in the gym, but they’re made in the between times. It’s the time in between your workouts where your body repairs your muscles, and heals the damage that you created, causing them to grow.

You need to do everything you can in this time to give your body what it needs to build your muscles up as strongly as possible. This comes down to good diet choices, the right macros, and a good BCAA supplement.

Branched chain amino acids help give your body the building blocks it needs to repair your muscles while you are away from the gym. Re-load BCAAs have a 10:1:1 ratio of amino acids, and they will give your body what it needs to help recover.

Drink this in between workouts, and your body will have what it needs to repair your muscles, and protect them from being broken down into energy.

Your Assignment

Now that you know these 15 proven ways to get the most from your workouts, it’s time to get into the gym and take action. The very first thing that you need to do is create a plan, because your plan is what’s going to make the biggest change in your workouts.

From there, make sure that you go into the gym fully prepared, and with the right mental state to be successful. Have all of your gear with you exactly how you need, and coach yourself mentally to be ready for a killer workout.

Spend that valuable gym time fully invested in your workout, and nothing else. Avoid the distractions, leave your cell phone behind, and don’t socialize like you’re getting drinks with your friends.

Do this for a month, and then come tell us how amazing you feel, and how different your workouts have been. We want to hear from you, and we hope these work out tips make a huge difference in your routine.

If you have any questions about maximizing your gym time, please leave a comment and will be glad to answer them.

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